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Cliff Harvey
Co-Owner of Living Room, Anejo & Blanco, Beltline Resident
"I've been watching 17th Avenue grow and grow and grow for 11 years now. I'd say the Beltline is the top place to live in the city. Everything is convenient. I haven't owned a car since I lived in Calgary. I can walk everywhere. It doesn't really matter where you live on the planet, you want everything you need within a 12-block radius. And these are 12 great blocks."
Louise Dirks
"The Beltline is very urban, and that's what people enjoy - the fact that it's close to things. It's close to shopping, it's close to bars and restaurants. Everything's walkable. Calgary has flourished into a very metropolitan city. It always amazes me how many restaurants open in Calgary every year, and they're so focused on good food and modern styling."
David Brunning
Visual artist, Entrepreneur, Beltline Resident
"You can put up a thousand billboards saying ‘oh live here, it's a community' but so many times that's just false. Community is when I look out and see whose cars are parked so I know who I can go hang out with. Or how I can just walk across the street and borrow my friend's drill, or ladder, or whatever, because those are the kind of ties that exist here. People know each other's names here, for real."