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From penthouses for the San Francisco purist at 1645 Pacific to luxury-meets-historic residences off Belgrave Square in London, Grosvenor is a world leader in crafting special homes.

Good to Know

Meet the Home Smiths: Grosvenor has been in the property business since the late 1600s, starting in Central London, England. Grosvenor expanded to Canada over 60 years ago, and is now actively involved in seven cities across Canada and the US. This includes Calgary where Grosvenor has operated an office and developed and invested since the 1990s. Grosvenor eats, lives and breathes cities, having their finger on the pulse. Grosvenor's global know-how and "Living cities" approach is rounded out by a local team that makes sure every collection of homes is right for its owners and stays true to the city.

Fun to Know

The Grosvenor story began in 1677 when Sir Thomas Grosvenor and his wife inherited 500 acres in what are now some of the most valuable neighbourhoods in London's Westminster district. Sir Thomas Grosvenor was not only a prominent landowner, his family dates back to William the Conqueror and includes the Duke of Westminster among his future kin. What does this have to do with homes? Well, any company that's been in the property business for three centuries probably knows how to build sophisticated and lasting ones. And with Smith, the proof is in the pudding.