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September 28, 2017

Steps away from your home – local, ethical vegetarian restaurant


Everything is just steps away from your home – from dining and shopping to spa and café’s; Smith is the absolute walker’s paradise. To truly appreciate the convenience of living at Smith, we are featuring various neighbouring amenities. This week we are excited to feature The Coup, the local ethical vegetarian restaurant.

It is well known that The Coup is the go-to eatery for vegetarians and vegans in Calgary, and with such a wide selection of delicious dishes, we think it may even change the minds of a regular carnivore. One of our favourite dish is the Satay Bowl – fresh vegetables on rice vermicelli noodles topped with a delightful thai curry peanut sauce that you just can’t get enough of.

On top of serving amazing food, the restaurant has a strong mandate to select food based on deep ecological ethics. This means restaurant goers are able to taste delicious dishes filled with organic and local ingredients made from scratch, with soy products and grains that are GMO-free.

The restaurant takes this one step further by expanding their operations around the same mandate. They carefully select products that are recyclable and works with LeftOvers Calgary to donate extra food to feeding those in need. To offset the unavoidable waste, they plant 36 trees a month through Tree-Canada. On top of all of that, they donate a percentage of their income to Meal Share. This means for every item with the meal share logo is ordered, a meal is provided to someone in need.

Head over to The Coup today and try it out for yourself. Drop by the Presentation Centre after and let us know your experience in such a unique restaurant!

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