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August 16, 2017

Steps away from your home – Analog Coffee!


Smith is conveniently situated on the Beltline, one of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary! Everything is just steps away from your home – from dining and shopping to spa and café’s, Smith is the absolute walker’s paradise. To truly appreciate the convenience of living at Smith, we will be featuring various neighbouring amenities in the coming weeks.

This week we are excited to introduce Analog Coffee, your go-to café! Analog Coffee has long been a fan favourite at the Calgary Farmer’s Market. When they decided to open their flagship store right in the heart of Calgary’s Beltline Community, it was a day to celebrate for all coffee lovers.
Analog Coffee was designed to not be “just another coffee house”, it was a stage for the owners to showcase their passion for coffee. Through the intricacies of careful preparation, using only the world’s best brewing equipment and techniques by professional baristas, they are able to share their coffee with those who appreciate exceptional coffee.

Drop by their café to try it for yourself! Visit us at the Smith Presentation Centre afterwards to let us know what your favourite menu item was!

Image and content courtesy of Fratello’s Analog Café

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