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August 08, 2014

Smith - Nailed It!


Smith is proud to introduce our innovative Smith Tool Library, available to all residents through our Smith Concierge. Recognizing that not everyone will have the right tools to do basic household jobs like hanging paintings or putting together new furniture – Smith solves the problem. This concept is a first-of-its-kind for condominiums in Calgary!

Similar to the volunteer based Calgary Tool Library, our Smith Tool Library is designed with the urban condo dweller needs in mind - from hammers, to drills, to picture-hanging levels, the Smith Tool Library helps with all those little fixes. Simply take a short elevator ride to the lobby to see our friendly concierge and select the tools you need. Then sign out the tools, use them and return them back to concierge when you are done.

Sounds simple enough? Smith thinks so too. This is just one of our incredible services our concierge offers to make your busy life a little more manageable. To learn more about our unique concierge visit our website for more information.

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