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September 22, 2016

Smith Construction Update!


The hoist has now been removed, allowing the finishing touches to begin on the exterior of the building. This started with installing the balcony railings on the north and south sides, which shows off the final appearance of the tower. The light-coloured EIFS, otherwise known as a finishing exterior plaster, on the north city homes has now been completed to create an amazing contrast between the light walls and metal panels framing its entrances. 
The interior of the building is also progressing, with the elevator now running for construction use.  Rough-ins have been installed throughout the building and all drywall is now complete. Cabinets and flooring are currently being installed in the mid-levels of the building and are steadily moving up. The suites on the third and fourth floors have completed their first developer inspections. The sixth and seventh levels are next to be reviewed with all appliances installed and the final coat of paint underway.
For more construction photos please visit our Smith Facebook construction album.

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