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August 11, 2016

Smith Construction Update!


We congratulate the Beltline, Smith’s very own backyard, in being voted Calgary’s best neighbourhood for the second year in a row by Avenue Magazine!  Construction is still progressing at a rapid pace as we strive for completion at the end of this year!

Installation of the roof steel was completed in May, and the full structure of the building allowed for the tower crane to be removed. The man hoist is scheduled for removal near the end of August once the elevators are complete. Once the hoist is removed this will allow for the CANA construction team to complete the east facing homes. 

The interior of the building is progressing as well, rough-ins have been installed up to the 18th floor and drywall is now completed to 17th floor. Cabinets in each suite have been installed up to the 13th floor, and flooring has been installed up to the 6th floor. The suites on the third and fourth floors are now 90% complete with all finishings and appliances.

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