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June 09, 2016

Smith Construction Update!


The last six months of construction are now upon us! We have continued to stay on schedule with completion as early as December 2016 and we have begun our countdown to completion!  

It continues to be an exciting time on the Smith site, the windows are now complete up to the 18th floor and the interiors are following closely behind. Smith’s fine tailored home interiors are beginning to take shape with steel stud walls
already on the 13th  floor and drywall boarding is complete up to the 11th floor.

The painters have begun the initial painting phase and both carpentry and cabinets are quickly progressing from the CityHomes to the penthouses. As the inside of Smith continues to blossom the exterior finish and brickwork is taking on its final form. 

Check out the Smith's facebook construction album for more photos.

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