February 07, 2015



As the cold weather returns we welcome the fourth annual YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! The event kicked off at the Calgary farmers market last Sunday with submissions from cafes and restaurants around Calgary available to taste. These signature hot chocolates will be served from February 1st thru February 28th and all proceeds are donated to support Meals on Wheels.

17th Avenue has jumped in to support this great cause too! Check out some of our Beltline neighbors who are proudly participating with their signature concoctions:

Inspired by the ever so popular Italian dessert Cibo will be serving a spirited Tiramisu Hot Chocolate. They will be using a dark cocoa hot chocolate with cream and milk, espresso, Khalua and Vincent Van Gough Vodka - topped with a dollop of mascarpone whipped cream and a marsala reduction drizzle.

Vie Café has introduced their unique citrus hot chocolate, thoughtfully named Surely You Zest! Made with fair trade dark chocolate, whipped with warm cardamom and fresh organic orange zest and topped with whipped cream and an orange twist.

ATCO Blue Flames Kitchen Café has heated up their kitchen with a Chili Caramel Hot Chocolate. Introducing their in-house made cocoa with smoked ancho chilies, vanilla bean whipped cream and topped with dulce de leche carame drizzle, this is sure to warm up your heart.

Now that you’re excited for some spectacular hot chocolates, make sure to get out and explore the community to support this amazing cause! Click here to rate your favorite drink, because for each drink you rate you have a greater chance to win prizes! 

Past Entries