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January 13, 2016

Are you up for the challenge?


Canada’s premiere gaming facility, Exit, has now opened in the heart of 17th Avenue, in our very own Mount Royal Village! January 4th, 2016 marked the start of an intense challenge where you and your friends are locked into an adventure themed room and need to use your utmost intelligence to crack codes, solve riddles, and interpret clues in order to escape in less than 60 minutes!
Exit’s Calgary location offers The Lost Ship, Ancient Egypt, Prison Escape, and Ninja House themed rooms. Coming soon is the X-17 Space Carrier room, allowing you the opportunity to travel through history and even space without leaving Calgary. Escaping from these rooms is extremely difficult (with an approximate 1% success rate), and each room requires a different level of skill based on a 5 star system. If you are up for the challenge, grab a group of friends and try to escape!

Past Entries